cctvX ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition)

One of the most exciting developments from cctvX is the new ANPR range featuring software, hardware and cameras providing cost effective, value for money solutions for a number of needs to anyone considering Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The range covers standard 1-4 Channel systems, Barrier opening and closing, as well as Client / Server based applications for larger more distributed site topology.

cctvX ANPR Hardware ANPR view screen, can be customised to Installer / End User requirements whether that be features or Splash screens for customisation or OEM. We are Manufacture this equipment and sell into the trade, and have our own programming team meaning we can do a great deal more than most Company's with this product. Please feel free to ask for anything from a demonstration to a Quotation. We are an extemely cost effective, High Accuracey ANPR solution ideal for a hole host of applications including Caravan Parks, Farms and Farmayards, Car Parks, Car Park charging and commercial premises.

To get an idea of how our system works, we have video demos available to view.

This video demonstrates our ANPR software in operation.

This video is an example of our Remote Search feature enabling the user to look up number plates remotely.

The cctvX ANPR capture unit features a 1 - 4 camera input unit including overview camera options, meaning the number plate captured and a separate picture detailing the vehicle, possibly the driver or some other form of identification outside of the number plate.
This detail is stored on the machines extensive database which has remote connection facilities for law enforcement databases etc. (we can customise these interfaces so please call us for details.

Applications include -

• Car Park Management and Charging services

• Petrol Stations

• Site Security and asset management (via RF ID Tagging)

• Access Barrier Control or Apartment Vehicle Access

• Police and Bus Lane Enforcement • Traffic Number Plate Analysis

• Frequency of visits to sites e.g refuse sites

• Hot plate flags, alarm and barrier contact output

• Journey Speed Measurement between points

• Toll Applications and Road User Charging

• Access Control Interface

• Congestion Charging

The cctvX ANPR capture units come complete and ready to use, with the software licenses (supplied at extra cost) for the relevant number of cameras, making this one of the easiest and intuitive systems on the market to use.

Identification of number plates is extremely accurate and works by a unique neural network programming, meaning the machine quite literally learns how to read number plates (in any language) and from a number of angles making this platform one of the most versatile on the market.

This can be for multi language number plates on the same system including Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and other Cyrillic language fonts.

Both the capture unit and DVR have full Admin and user right functionality, complete with remote CMS control options including database search, and with the flexibility of the platform cctvX are able to over OEM or other branding opportunities to potential clients, please contact us for more details.

The CCTVX ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system is a software recognition engine, capable integrating and fulfilling most requirements where a vehicles number plate is used or recorded as an identifier. Popular uses include toll-collection, vehicle access control, parking management, asset management and law-enforcement applications.

Proven Technology
The advanced ANPR/LPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition/License Plate
Recognition) technology from CCTVX sets a new benchmark through its combination of best-of-breed neural network software design by offering the highest success in continuous rapid read rate for vehicles either stationary or travelling at speeds in excess of 120 MPH.

Real-Time Communication
Remote access via telecommunications further enhances the flow of information in critical reaction requirements such as instantaneous Hot Plate uploads, software upgrades and remote Technical Support

The system can also accommodate a client / server arrangement meaning a structure can be managed over several remote sites. This can also enhance product features like frequent offenders being recognised across multiple sites in a geographical area. Alarm outputs and barrier open and closure can operate from these stimuli

The range covers a variety of applications please contact us for full details -
- Standalone Systems (Lite and Regular Versions)
- Networked Systems
- IP Camera based Systems
- Mobile ANPR systems
- Asset Management
- Logistics tracking
- Car Park Management Systems
- Remote 3G and Solar Powered Management Systems

We have full bespoke design facilities in the UK so please come and talk to us re applications and designs you need solutions for.

cctvX ANPR
cctvX ANPR System - Contact us for a free demonstration