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New option for SATA drives fitting into the Kodicom KSR series DVR's


KSR Series new SATA drive option - 17/02/2009

As from February 2009 cctvX is pleased to announce that the complete range of KSR DVR's can now be fitted with SATA Hard Disk Drives offering our customers potential savings over the price and ongoing availability of PATA IDE drive


The new KSR916 available from cctvX


New KSR916 RT D1 DVR - 22/5//2009

The latest addittion to the DVR range is the all singing and dancing KSR916. This is the furure of Stand Alone DVR's featuring SATA drives, dula layer motion detection, POS and much more as a standard.

DeView Cameras Now Available from cctvX


DeView Cameras - 22/05/2009

The DeView range of cameras is now available from cctvX including their outstanding transport and cold store cameras. Please contact us for more details

New from cctvX lockable DVR boxes... Available from cctvX


KSR Lockable Video Box Available- 23/5//2009

The new rangeof lockable Video Boxes that fit the Kodicom Stand Alone Range is now available from cctvX. Specifications are available on the main web site

CCTV cables are now available as part of the new range available from cctvX


cctvX CCTV cable new offering- 03/06/2009

As from June 2009 cctvX is pleased to announce the introduction of a complete range of cables designed for use with the CCTV and Security installer in mind. We cover the basics like top grade RG59 coax, RG59 twin Composite, UTP CAT5 cable (100M drums), as well as having a bespoke facility covering many forms of coax cable.

New option for SATA drives fitting into the Kodicom KSR series DVR's


KD63500 - 10/6//2009

Launched in June 2009, the KD63500 represents the very latest in great value for money internal domes are launched. featuring crisp clear 500 TVL resolution, 3 Axis Gimbal mount, available in Black or White. Please call us for more details.

New option for SATA drives fitting into the Kodicom KSR series DVR's


Kodicom Product range Technical Support - July 2009

An update to let everyone know we have enhanced our spares stocking profile for the ongoing repair and servicing of all current and legacy Kodicom machines and devices in the UK and Northern Europe, we are the official Distributor and Authorised repair centre for all your product needs

cctvX mobile DVR Products

cctvX GPSCarSpyThe new cctvX GPSCarSpy the ideal cost effective event recorder for people on the move